Best Health Insurance Companies In 2024 –

Best Health Insurance Companies Every year declared a list of top health insurance companies in India. A few important features help in rating their performance, Adding the Claim Agreement Ratio, network hospitals, etc these are things to remember when you buy health insurance from an assurer. In this article, we provide you the information about Best Health Insurance Companies.

Which one is the Best Health Insurance Company in India?

Various health insurance companies in India provide an excess of options when it comes to purchasing the best health insurance policy.

They give effective health plans and services to feed the needs of different people. They also give the finest deals on health insurance plans to their clients.

Although, it is not possible to calculate which one is the best health insurance company in 2024 as dissimilar persons have dissimilar health requirements and a single assurer cannot complete the requirements of all the persons.

Some of the Best Health Insurance Companies:

There are a large number of medical insurance companies in India, We find out some of the best health insurance companies in India are given below.

  • IFFCO Tokio Health Insurance.
  • Care Health Insurance.
  • Magma HDI Insurance.
  • New India General Insurance.
  • Bajaj Allianz Health Insurance.

IFFCO Tokio General Insurance:

iffco tokio
IFFCO Tokio General Insurance

IFFCO Tokio General Insurance is founded in the year 2000, This is a joint enterprise between Indian Farmers Fertiliser Cooperative Limited (IFFCO) and Tokio Marine Group.

IFFCO holds 51% of the company and the rest 49% is given to the Tokio Marine Group. The assurer provides a broad range of health insurance plans adding for particular person health insurance plans, Entire family health insurance plans, and old age citizen health insurance plans.

Care Health Insurance:

Care Health Insurance
Care Health Insurance

Care Health Insurance’s former name Religare Health Insurance, is a joint enterprise of Reliance Enterprises Limited, Union Bank of India, and Corporation Bank.

These include individual health insurance plans, maternity health insurance plans, entire family health insurance plans, old age citizen health insurance plans, and big illness health insurance plans.

Magma HDI Insurance:

Magma HDi insurance is a popular insurance company in India. It is a joint enterprise of Magma Fincorp Limited, and HDI Global SE Company.

It has an effective claim settlement ratio and provides a broad range of health insurance plans to complete various needs of people. The assurer has more than 135 offices in different states.

New India General Insurance:

New India General Insurance’s headquarters is in Mumbai, India. It has a multinational general insurance company and runs in 28 countries.

The insurance company has more than 250 products adding various types of health insurance plans for various parts of society.

The plans which are given are affordable and even provide apply for many healthcare expenditures from hospitalization expenses, daily care expenses, organ donor expenses, road ambulance expenses, etc.

Bajaj Allianz General Insurance:

Bajaj Allianz General Insurance

Bajaj Allianz General Insurance is another popular insurance company and joint enterprise of Allianz SE and Bajaj Finserv Limited. It is the largest private assurer in production, It has its own offices in more than 11 cities and towns.

The assurer provides a broad range of insurance items, of which health insurance is one. The assurer provides cashless treatment to the assured under its health insurance plans with more than 6500 network hospitals.

One can advantage of individual health insurance plans, Entire family health insurance plans, old age health insurance plans, etc. Bajaj Allianz General Insurance has also won many awards.

How to Pick the Best Health Insurance Company?

Types of Health Insurance Plans: Some health assurers give only basic health insurance plans like single health insurance, etc. While some service providers give a particular health plan for women, senior citizens, children, etc. Select the insurance company that provides a policy as per your needs.

Cashless Hospitals: When choosing a health insurance company, it is important to know the power of a cashless mechanism hospital of the insurance supplier. The best the network, the more convenient you can enter a cashless claim in the hospital.

Claim Settlement Ratio: The Claim Settlement Ratio will inform you of the number of health claims that an assurer sorts out against the total number of claims received during a financial year. Between 80% to 90% a claim settlement ratio is good.

Clients Support Service: Check the quality of the client support service given by the assurer. Ensure that the health insurance company can give 24-hour client support to away your concerns.

Claim Process: Your health insurance company must settle your claim in a smooth way. The entire process can get complex and can be time taking mainly at the time of requirement. Try to choose a health insurance company that needs minimum third-party administration interference and document work.

Assurer Reviews and Ratings: These days, you can look at your assurer’s reviews and ratings from the clients, and also you can look out for reviews of various health insurance companies in India. Watch out for their feedback and then take the decision.

Why do you need health insurance?

There are 3 key reasons-

You don’t have sufficient savings to pay for healthcare

Getting treatment at the best healthcare hospital is expensive. It challenging to manage large amounts of money when a family member gets addressed with a big illness.

In India, nearly 44% population is not taken health insurance. In such situations, people take loans or sell their property for money. Although the clever thing is to have a health insurance plan. This will make it easy to save your money and health.

Medical care expenses are increasing fast

Medical costs are rising makes it essential to have health insurance. Cancer remains the top highest claims reported by most assurers, After this gastro diseases and respiratory conditions come.

With a set benefit health insurance protect you for fight big illnesses like cancer and heart problem.

Hospital costs add different items

Treatment at the hospital is not only related to surgery. Medical check-ups, doctor fees, and medical costs are high than hospitalization fees.

There are also many tests before the operation which also cost a lot. The insurance policy covers other features of medical treatment. Fixed-benefit health insurance plans give money without asking for a detailed description of treatment costs.

Benefits of health insurance:

  • Money is given upfront without medical bills.
  • Treatment at a facility of your choice.
  • High cover at low cost.
  • Automatic increase in the sum assured amount.
  • Fixed premium cost.
  • Tax benefits.


Selecting one of the Best Health Insurance companies only depends on your personal healthcare needs. Thus, you can always take a clue from the above-determined facts and can select the best possible health insurance company as per your needs.

I hope you have learned everything about the Best Health Insurance Companies.

Please leave your questions if you have any queries about the Best Health Insurance Companies.

Thanks for reading!


Why the health insurance is important?

Health insurance is important because the costs of good medical facilities and hospitalization can be money stressful. With rising medical expenses, health insurance can provide the added security you need.

Can I have multiple health insurance policies?

You may have more than one health insurance policy.

Do I need to go through medical tests before buying health insurance?


Can I claim health insurance more than once a year?

You can claim your health insurance as many times as you want.

What is not covered by a health insurance policy?

Self-injury may not be covered by a health insurance policy.